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Bellino her partner John have apparently been creating rubber checks to cover work accomplished an interior artist and with a contractor they hired. John Bellino seemingly have produced a pattern of not spending money on services provided. Images View all 5 photos Jordin Althaus/Getty Images for Vodka The True Mr. Housewife noted on April 15 the Bellinos remain having problems that were financial and publishing checks. Oddly enough, Rick and Alexis have produced than they are able to count it, it seem that their interior trampoline park is earning money faster. Therefore, are Alexis and Sean simply inexpensive or strapped for money? The True Mr. Housewife reviews that the source close to ” Orange County’s Real Housewives ” alleges that an interior designer the Bellinos hired wasn’t paid for furniture and materials she purchased for that residence that was couples.

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It appears that despite alerts from a builder who was simply stiffed on work performed benefit Jim and Alexis, the artist continued to work with the “RHOOC” pair. A few weeks later once the interior designer approved a bill to them, ” James ” and ” Jesus Barbie ” procrastinated and in the end published a look for the material and furniture, but the check returned. Based On The Actual Mr. Housewifes resource case submitted against John Bellino and obtained a ruling in her benefit. Readers of ” The True Housewives of Orange County ” are too unsurprised by another shady deal by Sean. Alexis “RHOOC” cast mates called her outlast period, calling her fake. Never miss an update on gossip and star or reality-television announcement!

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